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The Danish Centre for Nanosafety and NANoREG are two separate projects but both focus on increasing our knowledge about safety issues when dealing with manmade nanomaterials . Many of the NRCWE researchers working in the Danish Centre for Nanosafety also work in the NANoREG project and the two projects take advantage of a number of synergies.

The scientific and technical objectives of NANoREG are:

  • To provide legislators with a set of tools for risk assessment and decision making instruments for the short to medium term, by gathering data and performing pilot risk assessment, including exposure monitoring and control, for a selected number of nanomaterials used in products;
  • To develop for the long term, new testing strategies adapted to a high number of nanomaterials where many factors can affect their environmental and health impact.
  • To establish a close collaboration among authorities and industry with regard to the knowledge required for appropriate risk management, and create the basis for common approaches, mutually acceptable datasets and risk management practices.

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